Quality People Providing Quality Solutions

B. Luke Jolley P.E.


Chief Engineer

Luke, President of HLE, Inc. and a registered Professional Civil Engineer in the States of Idaho, Wyoming, and Virginia. He oversees all Civil engineering projects in both HLE offices Blackfoot and Idaho Falls, and has worked in the Engineering and Land Surveying industry for well over 2 decades.

Luke’s project experience includes, transportation, geotechnical, public wells, public water systems, sanitary sewer systems, storm systems, land development, site design and roadway design, and working with the client for public bidding, awarding a contract, and construction oversight while coordinating with the client and contractor. 

Luke believes the foundation for successful projects is a detailed set of drawings and specifications at the beginning of the project.  Luke’s reputation for quality workmanship and detail is evident by the contractor’s response during construction.  He knows what items need to be completed for projects to be within budget and on time, and always takes full responsibility for the quality and timeliness of the consultant’s work, and for ensuring that adequate personnel and other resources are available for his projects.

Luke has earned the respect of clients by knowing that he works for them and is there to protect them and ensure that they get the very best project that they can get and that will continue to serve them as desired for many years.

Clint Jolley P.L.S.

Vice President

Survey Manager

Clint Jolley, PLS Idaho #15571, is a registered Professional Land Surveyor with over 2 decades of surveying and staking experience, Clint manages the construction survey operations, as well as overall day to day office management within HLE’s Idaho Falls office.

Clint holds a Bachelor of Science in Geomatics Technology from Idaho State University. His expertise includes, highway construction, boundary surveys, GPS surveys, route survey, land and construction surveys, subdivision staking, topographic and ALTA surveys.  He has experience using the latest Trimble GPS equipment, is always learning more and strives to stay current with the many growing industry technologies and trainings.

Clint has skillfully planned and managed many projects, within the State of Idaho, for private, State, and Government entities alike. With his education and determination to give only the best experience and serve those around him, his clients and associates feel confident knowing that he has the skills, to manage projects through all processes of Land Development and Surveying seamlessly. Clint’s reputation for quality workmanship and detail is evident by his commitment to our Clients, and their response. 

Chris Street P.L.S.


Survey Manager

Chris Street, PLS #12224, is the Survey Manager in HLE Inc.’s Blackfoot office. A graduate from Idaho State University, Chris has over twenty (20) years of survey experience in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming.  As the Surveying Manager for HLE, Chris helps run all the aspects of day to day operations of the Surveying Department. Over the past 20 years, Chris has skillfully planned and managed many large-scale survey projects in his capacity as Survey Manager.  A sample of his broad range of skills includes the following:

  • Project Management
  • Topographic Surveying
  • Boundary Resolution and Surveying
  • Deed Research and Interpretation
  • GNSS/GPS Control Networks
  • Experience working with the State of Idaho
  • Job Standardization
  • Construction Staking

Kyle L. Jones, E.I.

Project Engineer

Mr. Jones is currently a Project Engineer with a solid background in various areas of projects including site/civil, potable water supply, potable water distribution, wastewater collection, wastewater treatment, transportation planning/studies, roadway design, and master planning. Work experience in various trades including construction, engineering, electrical, quality control, and surveying enable him to work on a wide variety of projects knowledgeably and efficiently.

Mr. Jones’ expertise ranges from information gathering, funding development, completion of facility/environmental studies, design engineering, and construction engineering.

He is very good at developing innovative and cost-effective solutions to complex problems and enjoys working closely with clients to produce quality projects in an efficient manner.

Gilmore Jenkins E.I.

Project Engineer

Gilmore is involved in many aspects of Civil Engineering. His specialized work includes: Site development design, design of underground utilities, Storm water hydraulic and infiltration system design, geotechnical analysis, transportation analysis and geometric design, and concrete foundation and retaining wall design. Prior to his experience as a Civil Engineer he gained 8 years of experience in commercial construction and construction project management.

Scott V. Dressen E.I. 

Project Engineer

Scott graduated from Idaho State University in 2020 with a Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering MCL with a specialization in geotechnical analysis.  Since starting with HLE, Inc. Scott has worked on projects including: geotechnical analysis, subdivision and site development design, traffic analysis, transportation and road network design, stormwater analysis and hydraulic system design, municipal underground utility design, and site landscape design.  Before becoming a Civil Engineer, Scott spent 16 years as an Idaho nurseryman working in residential landscape design with a focus in plant selection, production, and diagnosis, as well as waterfall and pond system design and installation.

Anthony Koon P.E.

Project Engineer

Anthony Koon, P.E. Idaho #10386 has designed several bridges and other structures and has experience in construction engineering for many bridge projects.

Jared Gerdes

Testing & Inspection Manager

Jared Gerdes manages our Soils and Materials Testing & Inspection services. A Testing and Inspection company is hired to ensure that construction follows the plans and specifications for a project, Jared and his staff provide this assurance in a friendly, straightforward manor. Jared also runs the soils and materials testing lab for Harper-Leavitt Engineering.