Geotechnical Engineering and Materials Testing

We conduct core samples to determine the quality of the earth beneath potential building sites.

The Geotechnical Engineer has a role in every project that involves earth structures, that requires a foundation in soil or rock, or that is constructed below the ground surface.

Our engineers and technicians work to provide solid information for design, and follow up with inspection and testing to ensure that their recommendations have been accurately interpreted and implemented into construction.

HLE has a materials testing lab in the Idaho Falls office. We provide testing of soils, asphalt, and concrete through out the region. All testing conforms to ASTM standards.

  • Soils and Foundation Investigations, Recommendations, and Studies
  • In-House Soils and Materials Lab
  • Soil Sampling and Classification
  • Concrete Inspection and Testing
  • Nuclear Density Testing
  • Pavement/Roadway/Highway Testing
  • Landfill Design
  • Soil Stabilization & Classification
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Foundation Design
  • Retaining Wall Design
  • Standard Penetration Testing
  • Dynamic Cone Penetration for Pavement Design
  • Rock Coring
  • Groundwater Control/dewatering
  • Geotechnical Investigations