HLE, Inc.  is a full service engineering, surveying and materials testing consulting firm with a combined employee experience of 158 years. Organized in 1969, HLE has served Idaho, Montana, Utah and Wyoming providing personal service to its clients. We have offices in Blackfoot, Idaho Falls, and American Falls giving us the ability to quickly respond to client needs.


HLE has one of the largest and most technically qualified surveying staffs in Idaho and the surrounding states. We pride ourselves in keeping up with the most recent technology, and


Geotechnical Engineering and Materials Testing The Geotechnical Engineer has a role in every project that involves earth structures, that requires a foundation in soil or rock, or that is constructed

Civil Site Plans

A good site plan requires great coordination between the owner, architect, municipality, and engineer from the onset of the project. HLE employees are well known for going above and beyond

Structural Engineering

HLE, Inc. has worked with multiple owners/agencies/contractors for the design and construction of multiple ITD, Bureau of Reclamation, LHTAC, City, County and also FHWA western federal lands structural projects. If you have a Structural need


A well-designed water system is one that does not have businesses and residents that know it exists. They just know that they have water when they turn the faucet on. 


A well-designed wastewater system is one that does not have businesses and residents that know it exists.  HLE focuses on designing systems that operate efficiently with minimal cost and minimal


Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) in the construction industry is a major concern. HLE has gained extensive experience in QA/QC over the last 50 years in business. We focus on keeping up to


Recognizing the importance of our area’s infrastructure, Harper- Leavitt Engineering provides quality professional transportation services.  We have been responsible for the engineering of many miles of roadways and walkways along